about me

Hi, I'm Vera and I love taking pictures and telling stories

I have experience in journalism, advertising, organizing events and creating online content. However, there are two things that are my true calling -- my family and the power of photography to change our perspective of the world. I believe that photography helps us get a better grasp of democracy and achieve a higher level of inner freedom. For me, really good photography is not about capturing images that would simply please the eye, it is about capturing the deeper meaning of what is around us. This believe, together with my education in philosophy and theater and dance criticism, plus my deep interest in phototherapy and analytical photography over the past 10 years, have strongly influence the way I work as a photographer and the way i teach my #lomoveraclasses. For the last several years I have been leading seminars, photography courses and public lectures in various formats such as TED, Creative mornings and others. So far I have 8 realized exhibitions. My photos have been published in many media platforms such as The Huffington post, Der Spiegel, Granta, Dnevnik, Capital LIGHT and many others. Lately I have been focused on three main endeavors: my commercial partnerships, that have allowed me to work with some really cool companies, which which i share common values; my photography courses, which have acquainted me some incredible, creative people and my non-commercial projects related with several important for me psycho-social topics. As photography is elusive, so am I. And if you're also one of the people brave enough to remain curious and want to talk, write to me. Thank you for being here!